The apprentice who fled the night his master was killed. The farmer’s daughter who found an old spellbook in the attic. The dungeoneer who was more interested in swordplay, but liked having a few cantrips on hand “just in case”. Some souls are born with a natural aptitude for magic, but never find the opportunity or inclination to receive further training.

These individuals grew up with a natural talent for spellcasting, but couldn’t grasp the basics until adulthood. Forced to make do with any available jobs in the meantime, most of these figures took up some kind of mercenary work – granting them the title of spellsword.

Bounty hunting, soldiering, and adventuring is the only life most spellswords have ever known. Yet as the years progress, the subtle pull of magic convinces them to hone their craft in unique ways.


Weekly Beast- Giant Whip-Spider


Giant Whip-Spider

Freaky-looking as it is, the real world Whip-Spider isn’t much of a threat to humans. As is the case with most things however, it gets a lot scarier when you add “giant” to the mix. The Giant Whip-Spider, in turn, is exactly what it sounds like: a ginormous clawed spider that will maul, murder, and terrify your arachnophobic PCs.