Happy Birthday, Gorgon Breath Games!


SpellswordsAs of this week, Gorgon Breath has been officially been in the RPG business for a full year. Woot!!

That’s 52 Weekly Beasties (with the latest arriving tomorrow), several short adventures, and the occasional diversion like playable bears or duck-transforming potions. It’s been a blast, and we’ve been so happy to create and share this game content with you.

Reaching a full year, however, is a perfect time to reflect on what works, what doesn’t, and where to go from here. Stew, Jon, and I have been talking about what Gorgon Breath can do moving forward, and the short answer is: Way more.


Weekly Beastie – Beastly Buddy

News, Weekly Beastie

beastly-buddyIn case it isn’t entirely obvious, you can thank Saturday morning cartoons for today’s creature. First airing in 1987, “My Pet Monster” told the story of a child’s toy which turned out to be a friendly, garbage-eating monster. While nakedly designed around a plush doll, the series had some intriguing fantasy elements which embedded themselves in my young mind, including an alternate dimension called “Monsterland” and a magical set of handcuffs which turned sentient monsters into stuffed toys.

Strange magical artifacts absolutely have a place in roleplaying games. so it makes sense to find such a doll in fantasy worlds. While this monster is distinct from the television version, they share a friendly, gullible nature that makes for good storytelling. It’s also immensely powerful in its true form, which gives parties an excuse to find the key before some evil sorcerer unleashes it on an unsuspecting public.

Game Masters are encouraged to use the Beastly Buddy’s over-excited hugs to full effect.

The Bandits of Calhaven are Almost Here!


We’re excited to announce The Bandits of Calhaven – Gorgon Breath’s first premium RPG adventure – is finished!

The PDF will be in backers hands next week. If you’re not a backer, you have until Boxing Day to back our Patreon page with $1 and receive a free copy. After that, you can purchase it on DriveThruRPG for $5.

Until then, may the dice be kind to you this holiday season!


Bandits of Calhaven update and Color Artwork


Last month we revealed our first premium adventure –  The Bandits of Calhavenand shared a few details on what GMs and players should expect from it.

Unfortunately, our plan to release Calhaven in late November needed to be pushed back for various last-minute reasons. We’re sorry about the delay, but think you will agree it’s worth the wait when we explain the reasons behind it.

Our Patreon Plea


patreonWe’ve recently launched a Patreon and we’re hoping you’ll consider contributing to it. Up until now, Gorgon Breath’s content has been released on our website for free or as pay-what-you-want products on DriveThruRPG. We’ve done this by doing things ourselves, working with affordable artists and drawing from the public domain. There are limits to what we can accomplish, however, and we want to give you more. We want to write more, write bigger and have the resources to hire artists on a regular basis so our work can always look its best.

Our initial goal is only $50, but if we can reach it we’ll be taking an important first step toward expanding Gorgon Breath’s capabilities. Do you want us to produce supplements longer than our Weekly Beasties and short adventures? Back us on Patreon. You want more polished, premium releases? This is the way to help us make that happen.

The best part? Our backers will receive our premium work for free. Even if all you can contribute each month is a single, solitary dollar we’ll give you every bit of premium content we release after your support begins. We’re talking class archetypes, long adventures filled with high quality illustrations, and more. (Just you wait and see what we have planned.)

What we want to drive home is that we love what we do and we want to do more of it. The only way we can afford that is with your help.You can find our Patreon here.

Coming Soon From Gorgon Breath!



You might have spotted us mentioning “premium” content on Gorgon Breath’s newly-launched Patreon page. These are polished supplements which require more time, detail, or a greater scope than our usual Weekly Beasties, short adventures, and other basic content. Our hope is that patrons will eventually unlock enough support to create these on a monthly basis – and we’ll reward all backers by giving them premium content for free.

Still, we’re not going to make that make an offer without a taste of what to expect. In that spirit, we’re happy to announce The Bandits of Calhaven, a complete 1st-3rd Level adventure ideal for launching a new campaign.

Welcome to Gorgon Breath Games.


gorgon-breath-logoAs the title says: welcome.

You’re here because you like role-playing games. We’re here for pretty much the same reasons.

Every week, Gorgon Breath’s veteran writers will release free and high quality content including monsters, one-page adventures, custom items and more. We’ll additionally offer premium products that will be available for purchase through DriveThruRPG.

Gorgon Breath is a project that’s been months in the making and we’re excited to finally share it with the world.