Adventure: The Curse of Skeleton Cove



We’re happy to present our first dungeon adventure – and just in time for Halloween!

Horror elements are tricky to insert into fantasy RPGs. Sure, there’s no shortage of monsters and ghouls, but creating a genuine sense of dread is challenging when resurrection is just one Cleric visit away. Which isn’t to say fear is impossible, just that it usually comes from subverting the expectations of dungeon crawlers who think they can wander into any dangerous locale and emerge unchanged.

Marshall’s The Curse of Skeleton Cove emerged from some Halloween-themed discussions about how to unsettle your players while still keeping to the usual “loot everything” mentality. We’d love to hear how it works with your player groups!

 A convenient, pay-what-you-want PDF of this dungeon has been submitted to Check that link within the next day for your copy!