Pandora’s Dungeons: Chapter 1


Pandora Edited

“They gave Pandora a box. Prometheus begged her not to open it. She opened it. Every evil to which human flesh is heir came out of it.”
– Kurt Vonnegut

Long ago, the Great Cleric Pandora imprisoned five mighty demon princes in a box. Fearing they would one day be unleashed, she allowed herself to trapped inside with them. Over time, Pandora’s legend was forgotten. But now the box has been found.

Pandora’s Dungeons is a series of standalone adventures, each built around the forgotten lair of a powerful demon. This chapter presents a short introductory dungeon for Game Masters who wish to run the series as a full campaign.

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A Bloody War for Yuletide – Our OSR Christmas Adventure


Christmas Dungeon Final CoverA cabin in the distant North, rumored to contain great rewards for the worthy.

A saint who refuses to acknowledge the darkness.

A wicked satyr who seeks righteous vengeance.

And an adventuring party that will decide the fate of Christmas itself.

Artwork provided by: Hermit’s Media

A Bloody War for Yuletide is an adventure for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and other OSR-based roleplaying games. It it best played with characters of 4th to 7th level.

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This product is an independent production by Gorgon Breath Games and is not affiliated with Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is a registered trademark owned by James Edward Raggi IV.

Adventure- The Pudding Pit of Horror


Pudding Put ImageWhat better way to bond your players than a missing persons’ case where they’ll trudge through murky sewers and face off against a colossal monstrosity born from a necromancer’s madness? Our newest free adventure -The Pudding Pit of Horror- offers a modest experience that’s chalk full of the best sort of awful that D&D players love. And since it’s only a few hours long, busy gamers can probably finish it in a single evening.

Gather your player characters (level 3-4) and make your way down to the pit.

Adventure – Here There Be Spiders


maggot-god-greyscaleThe Kind Spider and Maggot God are natural enemies, waging a war between good and evil which civilized races know little about. When the player characters stumble into this conflict, will they save the day? Or will their bungling lead to disaster for a nearby village?

As the GM, it’s probably best if your players don’t know what to expect from this adventure going forward. The danger of Kind Spiders comes not from direct combat, but when dungeon crawlers rush into battle like the gold-seeking mercenaries they are. This means the dungeon can be run twice: Once when the party is hired to clear it, and again to fix the mess they made.

This adventure uses the Kind Spider and Maggot God monster stats featured in our Weekly Beastie series.

Adventure: Beware the Silent Stalker


silent-stalkerWhen we first started pitching adventures for Gorgon Breath Games, I had a particular interest in producing a one-page dungeon. Sometimes, when I’m writing an adventure, I can be a bit too verbose. I thought it would be a fun challenge to see what I could do in the confines of a limited space. Luckily, I’d also just finished writing up the monster sheet for the Silent Stalker, so I had some ideas for a simple but intimidating dungeon that worked well in that format.

Beware the Silent Stalker is the result. The player party is trapped in an underground castle where the only other occupant is the titular Silent Stalker. Wandering its halls in search of a way out, they have to evade the Stalker as it ruthlessly pursues them. Overall, I was happy with the results and I hope you enjoy running this with your players.