The Horde of Muldrec

Gorthan pencils 2We’ve published The Horde of Muldrec, a collection of the monsters and enemies created for The Battle of Kierk Field.

Art provided by Ethan Slayton.

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The Battle of Kierk Field- The Conquest of Muldrec P.1

Battle of Kierk Field jpgWe’ve published The Battle of Kierk Field, the first chapter in The Conquest of Muldrec campaign. This short adventure is a great for a night of gaming where you want something epic but don’t have the time for something long!

Art provided by Ethan Slayton.

Get it at DriveThruRPG.

Weekly Beasties – Neanderthelf

NeanderthelfEven gods need practice. When the makers of universe decided to create Elves, their first attempt failed. Thus, the Neanderthelf was born. Void of the grace that define their more common cousins, the Neanderthelf is a cruel and ignorant race. While Neanderthelves share many of the physical qualities of Elves, including their long lives, their brutal nature has stunted their growth as people. They build no grand cities and know nothing of magic. They live in nomadic tribes where might makes right and the most common way to end an argument is a split skull.

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Weekly Beasties – Coccihemoth

CoccihemothMany who see the Coccihemoth for the first time underestimate it thanks to its resemblance to the humble ladybug. Those foolish enough to approach, however, often learn a swift lesson about the deadly nature of this giant insect.

Though lumbering and clumsy, the Coccihemoth is a powerful creature with an insatiable appetite. Able to emit a foul smell when threatened, it’s been known to devour entire adventuring parties; pulling them into its gullet one by one as they choke on the stench of tainted air.

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Release- 8 Bit Beasties: Gorgon Slime

Gorgon Slime Cover finWe’ve launched a new premium product and product line! The Gorgon Slime is combination monster/lair/nostalgia piece that emulates the visual style of 8-bit NES RPGs. We commissioned special monster art for this and created custom pixel art on our own (using the original Final Fantasy as reference). This is also our first product compatible with Dungeon World!

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Weekly Beasties – Hammerhead Naga

Hammerhead NagaEasily identified by its hard external skull cap, the Hammerhead Naga is a deadly reptile that uses its predominant physical feature as a weapon to bash its opponents into submission. The true threat however, lies not on its head but in its mouth. Deadly venom drips from its fangs. Those unfortunate enough to meet the inside of its maw will be the recipients of a terrible and searing pain.

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