Happy Birthday, Gorgon Breath Games!


SpellswordsAs of this week, Gorgon Breath has been officially been in the RPG business for a full year. Woot!!

That’s 52 Weekly Beasties (with the latest arriving tomorrow), several short adventures, and the occasional diversion like playable bears or duck-transforming potions. It’s been a blast, and we’ve been so happy to create and share this game content with you.

Reaching a full year, however, is a perfect time to reflect on what works, what doesn’t, and where to go from here. Stew, Jon, and I have been talking about what Gorgon Breath can do moving forward, and the short answer is: Way more.

We want to make more adventures, stranger player classes, and work with new RPG systems. We want to forge ahead with all the things that make GMs cackle with glee before players arrive at your gaming session.

With that in mind, we’ve made a few decisions:

(1) Starting immediately, we are retiring the Weekly Beastie line. Gorgon Breath launched with weekly monsters to generate regular content which we could develop into full-fledged adventures along the way. Unfortunately, coming up with new monsters each week gets in the way of experimenting with other types of RPG content, so it’s time to set them aside.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be releasing new monsters – far from it! You can still expect original creatures from us, both in standalone formats and as part of larger adventures.

(2) Our release schedule is shifting to a biweekly/monthly schedule. The current plan is to release one RPG supplement every two weeks, including at least one adventure or dungeon per month. Smaller content releases during off-weeks might include monsters, player classes, or whatever goofy ideas we’ve been dreaming up.

For example, we have a few sweet-looking dungeons underway, along with some premium content we’ve been tinkering with over the past year. Meanwhile, take a look at that art from Carolyn Smith posted a few paragraphs above – that’s for a brand-new player class we’re launching next week. Stay tuned!

(3) We will be restructuring our Patreon goals to be more reflective of our current work. If you’re already supporting us on Patreon, this shouldn’t affect you. All patrons will still get our premium supplements for free, this change will mostly reflect how often we can afford to produce premium content alongside our free releases.

As always, releasing RPG content of any kind is hugely dependent on Patreon support – it allows us to hire freelance artists, commission layout designers, and do all the things required to produce a shiny RPG product. The more funds we raise, the better products we can give you! For free!

(4) And finally, something fun: My first, full-length adventure “The Bandits of Calhaven” has been reduced in price to $1. Forever.

You can still get it for free by becoming a Gorgon Breath Patreon, granting you access to all of our premium releases.

TL/DR version: We’re changing our release schedule to allow for larger, more complete RPG adventures over shorter, weekly content. The more patrons we have, the more frequent these releases can be. Support Gorgon Breath on Patreon!

We hope you enjoyed the first year of Gorgon Breath Games.

Welcome to Year Two!

*casts petrify*
-Marshall Lemon


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