Bandits of Calhaven update and Color Artwork


Last month we revealed our first premium adventure –  The Bandits of Calhavenand shared a few details on what GMs and players should expect from it.

Unfortunately, our plan to release Calhaven in late November needed to be pushed back for various last-minute reasons. We’re sorry about the delay, but think you will agree it’s worth the wait when we explain the reasons behind it.

The biggest reason behind the adventure’s delay? The Bandit of Calhaven will include color artwork.


Beyond the B&W art mentioned in our last update, Calhaven will also include two color pieces from Carolyn Smith. The above photo shows off one of these images, while the second will be the PDF’s cover image.

As those are prepared, we’re taking some time to develop additional stat blocks for Blackhorse’s NPC. While these villagers won’t all be part of your adventure, they could be useful if Blackhorse becomes a regular stop on your campaign.

If all goes well, The Bandits of Calhaven should be available next week. And as mentioned before, our Patreon backers will get a copy for free. Thank you for patience in the mean time.


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