Coming Soon From Gorgon Breath!



You might have spotted us mentioning “premium” content on Gorgon Breath’s newly-launched Patreon page. These are polished supplements which require more time, detail, or a greater scope than our usual Weekly Beasties, short adventures, and other basic content. Our hope is that patrons will eventually unlock enough support to create these on a monthly basis – and we’ll reward all backers by giving them premium content for free.

Still, we’re not going to make that make an offer without a taste of what to expect. In that spirit, we’re happy to announce The Bandits of Calhaven, a complete 1st-3rd Level adventure ideal for launching a new campaign.

The Bandits of Calhaven is set on the distant edge of a fantasy kingdom entering a Dark Age. While visiting a remote village, a band of adventurers learn the Innkeeper’s son has disappeared into the woods. The journey leads to Calhaven, a fallen Imperial city now occupied by bandit clans. What the heroes and bandits don’t realize, however, is the fleeing Empire left behind a terrible danger, one which now threatens every living creature in the entire region. Can the player characters stop it?

Black Horse.JPG

While acting as a complete adventure, The Bandits of Calhaven can also be used to launch a full 5e campaign. It features a starting village which details important NPCs and shopkeepers. It details a small explorable dungeon at the heart of Calhaven’s ruins. It teases details of the larger world players might explore in future adventures – which the GM can ignore to fit in their home campaign.

And depending on their choices, players might uncover a “fast travel” system which lets them explore the entire continent – and perhaps beyond – in the blink of an eye.

The adventure text itself – all 20 pages – is complete. Jon Bolding is producing a dungeon map, while Carolyn Smith is designing some fantastic artwork. We’re currently on track to launch it on DriveThruRPG later this month, but remember: If you back us for $1 on Patreon you’ll get the PDF for free.

Stay tuned for more details!


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