Weekly Beasties- Flailing Vine

Flailing VineCarnivorous plants are one of those cool things that should serve as a reminder of wonderfully sadistic nature can be when it wants to. Often built around subtle traps relying on taste and smell to draw in their prey, they’re frequently subtle killers that depend on their food to essentially kill themselves. 

The Flailing Vine takes a more active role in its murder. Equipped with an array of bruising abilities, it will bash and batter anyone who dares to cross its path. Its favorite way to kill you? Picking you up and chucking you across the room at your friends. Why just take down one player character when it can aim for the whole crew? Continue reading “Weekly Beasties- Flailing Vine”

Weekly Beasties – Vengeful Cecaelia

10050 Cecaelia_ACecaelia’s are not well-known mythological creatures, especially compared to the more familiar mermaid. In fact, the only real example from popular culture is The Little Mermaid‘s Ursula, a villainous figure who despises King Triton and seeks to lead his daughter astray. Whatever you think of the film, there’s an unspoken motivation which makes her a compelling character – what if Ursula had a legitimate reason to hate all mermaids which explained the absence of her own race?

This thought inspired the Vengeful Cecaelia. If the mermaids truly did try and wipe out the Cecaelian people, wouldn’t the survivors be the most powerful among them? Skilled warriors with magical gifts who hate mermaids with a passion? And wouldn’t they try to have vengeance on their enemies at every opportunity?

Like the Cursed Allip, this Cecaelia artwork is provided by the folks at ArcKnight, who producer Flat Plastic Miniatures and other RPG supplements. Visit their site for a cloaker of your own!

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Weekly Beastie- Gloom

GloomThere’s a reason the dark is a universal fear for so many people. It’s scary. There’s an undeniable level of comfort in being able to see what’s around you. In the dark, anything could be waiting. The Gloom is a monster built around those fears.

A ghost that creates a dome of nearly impenetrable darkness, it uses it abilities to get close to shadow-trapped victims that it then murders with an AC-ignoring attack that deals devastating damage. If your players are heading into a dungeon and you’re in the market for the perfect creepy monster to stick in a dark and gloomy (heyoooo!) space.

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Weekly Beastie- Kobold Commander

Kobold General (1)In a recent campaign I ran, one of my players set themselves to the task of recruiting Kobolds. Before our journey was over, they had a small army that, on multiple occasions, turned the tide of battle and won the day for the player party. I really enjoyed that experience and have had a soft spot for Kobolds ever since.

Thinking about that experience recently, I decided to create a monster that transformed everyone’s favor D&D cannon fodder monster into a force to be reckoned with. Outside of just offering a stronger version of the Kobold itself, the Kobold Commander provides a significant dice roll boon to every Kobold in its vicinity. More importantly, the Commander has the ability to recruit other Kobolds. Even if you defeat a Kobold Commander in battle, it has the opportunity to retreat and rebuild its forces.

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Cleric Bears – A New Player Race

Cleric Bears ResizedExplorers and adventurers alike have encountered many bizarre creatures across the planes, but few are more bewildering – or wondrous – than the cleric bears. These beings are good-natured sentient bears who protect the world from evil, be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. In fact, cleric bears are an incredibly inclusive lot, determined to assist literally anyone in need no matter how different or strange they might appear. Even evil creatures showing signs of pain or repentance will be accepted by the cleric bear’s understanding community.

The source of a cleric bear’s strength is its “stare” – a magical rune which forms on its belly shortly after birth. Stares forge a permanent connection between a cleric bear and divine goodness, granting them abilities which sustain their quest to uplift all living things. Sadly, they are often tragically misunderstood by those who confuse their compassion for weakness – something many an orc learned far too late.

The name “cleric bear” is only accurate in terms of divine abilities. In reality, cleric bears belong to all classes, be they spellcasting wizard or stealthy rogue.

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Weekly Beastie – The Shoe Thief

Book of Hours Shoe ThiefAh, magic shoes! The plot of many a wondrous and fantastical story. Winged sandals, seven-league boots, spring-heeled shoes, ruby slippers – and more, of course, when we look at the fantasy adventurers of our favorite roleplaying games, the panoply expands: Slippers of Spider Climbing; Boots of Elvenkind, Speed, Swiftness, Striding and Springing, Teleportation… You get my drift.

So, of course, in a world of magic shoes there are those who prey upon magic shoes. The shoe thief is an odd meta-creature in the fantasy roleplaying world – it hits heroes where it often hurts the most. It is set upon a spellcaster or supernatural creature’s foes in order to weaken them. If heroes have wronged such a creature, well… they might wake up with missing boots.

Honestly, who doesn’t take off their shoes when they sleep?

Beyond the threat of revenge, a Shoe Thief might have been summoned to target a powerful patron or friend of the players. A duke or duchess’s bejeweled wedding shoes could cause all manner of upset should they go missing, and even a cursory inspection with divination spells and mundane expertise would determine that a supernatural thief was responsible.

The inspiration and art for the shoe thief come from a 15th Century Book of Hours. It is part of the Public Domain Adventures series, all based on works in the public domain.

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Weekly Beastie- Waste Slime

Waste SlimeEverybody poops. It’s not just the title of an awkward children’s book. It’s a fact of life. And if you’ve ever sent your players into a sewer on a dungeon dive, there’s a fair chance they’ve encountered at least a little feces on the way. The question that arises, of course, is “why aren’t there more poop monsters?”

The obvious answer is that most people have the good taste to not want them. Not us though! If there’s one thing we strive to do, it’s to provide you with the best and most unique monsters on the interwebs, good taste or no. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve done exactly that with the Waste Slime.

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